No Cellphones Allowed

Monday, June 20th. The year: 2012. A young paranormal investigator named Elon was in Washington D.C. on a much needed vacation. The constant adventure and adrenaline of dealing with ghosts, zombies, witches, warlocks, Frankenstein-esque beasts and, above all else, his horribly incompetent partner, made him sick of the horror genre altogether and so, naturally, he fled. The historic landmarks, dreadful traffic, politics… It was the epitome of what Elon needed—it was boring.

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Ugly Ducklings

Floyd stood holding a cold can of Coors Light. With each drunken wave of his hand, beer splashed from the lip of his beer onto the sleeve of his dull-brown coat. He talked about how he was considering a Veterinarian degree now that he’d been fired from the ski lift up on Crested Butte. Apparently a flask of Jack Daniels wasn’t required snow gear.

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Adventures in the Land of Not-America

As I walked up the hill toward my dormitory in Lacoste, France, I found myself searching for a pile of dog shit to photograph. For the past three days, I’d been meaning to send a picture of one to my friend Cindy back in the States. Always excited about one thing or another, Cindy was known for exclaiming, “Poop!” with a wide smile and a short hop. It was her response to a funny joke, an unfunny joke, good or bad news, and damn near everything else.

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Trump’s Disgraceful Treatment of Puerto Rico


Rarely can political issues be fairly described as “black-and-white.” As with many facets of life, there’s no singular answer to questions about healthcare, tax reform or gun control.

There isn’t just one right approach to improving public education. There isn’t just one correct way to handle illegal immigration, or diplomacy. These are nuanced issues with wide-ranging courses of action to consider, and they are always further complicated by the furious slurry of competing opinions and perspectives.

Puerto Rico’s current crisis, however, is not one such issue.

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