I Wish I Wasn’t the Only Person to Buy Gunscape

Ever since I played my first video game, Super Mario Brothers Deluxe for Game Boy Color, I’ve wanted to design and play my very own custom levels.

I used to draw out level layouts on printer paper. I had key images and shapes that represented power ups, enemies or switches and I’d spend a ridiculous amount of time on it.

Today, at 23, I can now spend a ridiculous amount of time on my Xbox One doing the same thing. And this time I’m saving paper!


… And wasting power.

Anyway, Gunscape has just released!

Gunscape is a cool little arcade FPS, stylized after old school classics such as Doom and Turrok. The best part is, it’s got that blocky Minecraft aesthetic–and features!

The main feature of Gunscape is the map editing mode in which you can design custom levels a la Minecraft. These maps can be built around a custom campaign or for several standard FPS multiplayer modes like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.

The only problem is…

No one has bought this game.

No one.

Servers in multiplayer mode are dead. Servers in online editing mode are sparse, and who wants some random muffing up a level as you’re trying to edit it?

It’s a shame, but I understand why many having purchased this product. There has been no advertising for it. None! Up until release, not a word of Gunscape. Which is a real shame, because it’s catered to gamers across every platform. Maps can be shared and played cross-console, even with PCs!

Overall, I’d give the game a solid 7/10. But given that I haven’t been able to play it with anyone at all, I can’t really judge the game based on a full experience.

So do me a favor and pick up Gunscape.

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