The Democratic Party is not the Party of Progressives . . . But It’s All We Have

I voted for Hillary in the general election, but that was out of necessity.

People are sick of Clinton’s and Bush’s. People are sick of the pseudo monarchy stuff, and unfortunately those optics take precedence over the actual qualifying merits of each candidate. But Clinton championed the #metoo movement while her husband Bill basically spat in the face of it all. Horrible optics there, and in that instance it wasn’t JUST optics — the hypocrisy was real, if exaggerated.

Hillary Clinton went through a lot of bullshit and she would have made a good president. But the democratic party is basically Republican Light; it is not a progressive platform inherently, progressives are forced to be lumped into it because it’s the best shot they’ve got at getting any of their ideas talked about (let alone into legislation). And the democrats talk big game about changing the system but they never actually do. They are fine with the status quo and I think that’s why many are disillusioned by them.

I’d changed my registration from Independent to Democrat; I only changed it back out of fear that sudden voter registry fuckery would bar me from participating in democrat primaries. The democratic party is not the ideal party for progressives, and those who lead it don’t want it to be.

But that will never change if people continue to just opt out altogether instead of voicing their opinion, voting, and taking a stand. Please vote. In local, regional and national elections. Your voice matters.


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