Arm the Teachers?

Arm the teachers?

I thought the goal was to prevent accidents and stop bad people, not to enable them. Not saying any particular teacher in the valley is untrustworthy, but odds are that something will go wrong at some point. Whether that is forgetting to secure a firearm and allowing a student to get their hands on it, or cracking after another consecutive week of stressful work and overreacting.

You’re just asking for trouble. Who will provide the firearms and ammunition to teachers? You gonna pay more taxes for that? What about training? How will accidents be evaluated in the eventuality that they occur? What sort of punishment would be acceptable for such accidents? What’s the procedure?

I’m sure that we can all think back to our grade school days and recall at least one teacher who was a bit unstable, or who held unreasonable grudges or expectations. If I was raising kids in a district that voted to implement armed staff, I’d move right the hell out of town upon learning that the non vetted people who teach my children are now packing heat.

The notion is ridiculous on its face.

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