Dear Speaker of the House,

It is not the House’s job to convict or remove an impeached person from office. That is the Senate’s job. Just because the Senate probably won’t do its job doesn’t mean the House does not have to do its own.

What was even the point of taking the House in 2018 if Dems are just going to squander it?

Also, impeachment proceedings would galvanize Democrats. Obviously.

But it should be done whether or not it does because it is the right thing to do. Dems are lucky that it would benefit their party to do so. But they are more concerned with what Republicans think than what their own constituents want and need.

Tyranny is at our doorstep, if it hasn’t already entered our abode and strewn its things about wantonly as if it owned the place.

Will you usher it in, or will you slam the door firmly and resolutely in its face? The world is watching.


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