Same shit, different term

Same shit as 2015-16.

Before the election even really gets underway we have evidence and an admission from the president himself (candidate, first time around) that he’s working with foreign nations to cheat the general election.

And just like last time, all of Trump’s sycophants are going to spew “Fake News!” from their mouths like the possessed child from The Exorcist until everyone is so gaslighted, and their ears so full of political bile, that they become literally sick of the conversation and withdraw from it entirely.

And all the while, prominent Democratic leadership will sit with their thumbs twiddling in their asses and say they are doing the best they can to mitigate things while their little thumbs keep on twiddling and both parties ride the status quo all the way to orgasm.

VOTE. Vote for people who give a shit. Vote for people who want to make better lives for all of us, and not for people who actively campaign on harming fellow Americans and fellow human beings.

Don’t vote for the Leopards Eating Faces candidates, because – spoilers – the leopards will eat your face too, not just the faces of people you arbitrarily dislike.

Candidate Elizabeth Warren put it to words pretty well:

“He has solicited another foreign government to attack our election system,” she told a crowd of 1,200 cheering Democratic voters gathered in Des Moines for an afternoon of primary speeches. “It is time to call out this illegal behavior and start impeachment proceedings right now.”

Ms. Warren, who first called for Mr. Trump to be impeached in April after the release of Mr. Mueller’s report, went further on Friday, arguing on Twitter that by failing to act on impeachment, Congress had become “complicit in Trump’s latest attempt to solicit foreign interference to aid him in U.S. elections.”

Although I will go ahead and add one small caveat and posit that Congress, before and after 2018, have been submissive to and complicit with this administration. That itself is not a new development.

Link to NYT article that sparked this:


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