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Trump Cites Puerto Rico’s Debt, Threatens to Revoke FEMA

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Rarely can political issues be fairly described as “black-and-white.” As with many facets of life, there’s no singular answer to questions about healthcare, tax reform or gun control.

There isn’t just one right approach to improving public education. There isn’t just one correct way to handle illegal immigration, or diplomacy. These are nuanced issues with wide-ranging courses of action to consider, and they are always further complicated by the furious slurry of competing opinions and perspectives.

Puerto Rico’s current crisis, however, is not one such issue.

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Let’s Talk About the Freakin’ Panama Papers

The Panama Papers controversy is a crazy phenomenon. It is arguably the best example of the power of information technology. The Panama Papers is the single largest data leak in human history. The Panama Papers consist of 2.6 terabytes of information—to put that into perspective, I Googled how many gigabytes were in 2.6 trillion terabytes, and Gogle didn’t even answer me. The next largest offshore data leak is just less than a quarter of its size, which itself is slightly larger than the infamous Snowden leaks. Read more