The Serialization of South Park: A Season 19 Mini-Analysis

South Park’s nineteenth season started on September 16, 2015, with “Stunning and Brave.” The episode itself is hysterically brilliant. It introduces an all-new major character, PC Principal, and along with him a revamped, serialized storytelling format that most longtime fans of the show were pleasantly surprised to see.

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The Problems with “Prometheus”

I have been a huge fan of Ridley Scott’s original “Alien” ever since I first saw it as a teen. The tension in the atmosphere, the subtle pseudo science, the visceral body horror. It’s the perfect horror film. And James Cameron’s “Aliens” brought the franchise to even higher levels of success as one of the best action movies of all time.

Unfortunately, Scott’s latest dive into the Alien franchise went horribly wrong. “Prometheus” is so riddled by incompetent characters bumbling their way through a contrived plot that by the midpoint I found myself screaming, “Just nuke the whole thing from orbit!”
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How “Star Wars Battlefront” Muffed Up


I had never played any of the Star Wars Battlefront games until the 2015 “soft reboot.”

I’ve been told by countless friends and acquaintances that it was a grand series; known by many for its fun campaigns, thrilling multiplayer environments and, most of all, its total immersion into the Star Wars universe.
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“Deadpool” Kills the Cinematic Superhero Universe

deadpool_2016-widePerhaps the most frustrating aspect of a new superhero property entering the cinematic universe is the obligatory origin story. Because it’s a new character or collection of characters, Hollywood assumes it’s audiences will never understand or appreciate them until we see their origin story — it’s called “en media res” folks, Google it.

A young Bruce Wayne falls into the bat cave before losing his parents. Iron Man blasts his way out of a terrorist cave after building an exosuit out of scrap metal. Peter Parker gets bit by a spider and exacts revenge on his high school bullies.

Origin stories have become commonplace and unfortunately tedious.

“Deadpool” is guilty of being yet another superhero origin story, but as the titular anti hero says himself, this is a different kind of superhero story.
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