Outrage Fatigue and Distractions in the Media

Trump the “Master” Manipulator and Distractor Extraordinaire

Since well before the 2016 presidential election, numerous parties have floated claims that Donald Trump is a master of manipulation and an expert at distraction. That his tweets are intentionally brazen; that he intends to turn heads away from Mueller and Russia probe, or Mar-a-Lago activities, or what-have-you; that there is any minute amount of method to his madness. These suggestions, most commonly mouthed by understandably frustrated left-minded folks, are off-kilter in my view.

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Press to Make Music

Disclaimer: Some dates and figures have been approximated.

The opening scene is an interpretation of my experiences with EDM shows and festivals.

It’s nighttime. Stars dapple the sky but nobody notices. Over the rolling hills softened by greening grass, hundreds of people, mostly ages eighteen to twenty five, crowd together. A cacophony of chatter and laughter rises from the crowd. It mixes with the smoke of spliffs and cigarettes and drifts away on a lazy breeze. Some are drinking beer while others sip water from thin rubber hoses attached to their backpacks. Some are sitting cross-legged on blankets and a few are even dancing. Some are quiet; some are still. Waiting, watching the world through widened pupils.

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