Release the Special Counsel Report; Forget the Headlines

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report has not been released to the press.

All of this weekend’s news stories about the special counsel investigation’s completion, every single one of them, are jumping to conclusions and speculation based off of a four-page summary released by President Donald Trump’s attorney general.

This is the same attorney general that stated the president cannot be indicted, the special counsel investigation was unconstitutional and the president should not be investigated for obstructing justice — all claims that are wholly untrue.

Remember that US Attorney General William Barr asserted all of those claims before he was nominated by the president to serve as the attorney general.

Think of it this way: Does the special counsel report say whether collusion occurred between the Trump campaign and Russia? Or does it sift through the details of the Trump Tower meeting, Trump’s firing of then FBI Director James Comey or other pertinant issues, and defer judgement of said details to Congress or the attorney general without subjective commentary?

Exactly: We don’t know.

We don’t know what the report says because we haven’t read it, and neither have the The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, ABC, MSNBC, Fox News, WaPo or NPR.

The American people deserve to see the full results of this special counsel investigation. If it truly exonerates Trump as the president claims — in contradiction to Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — then the report should be released in as full and pure a form as possible so that we can go forward in an informed and responsible manner.

Or, Senator Mitch McConnell can just block the full report that supposedly vindicates and exonerates the most controversial American president in living memory After a resolution to release it passes unaninously in the House of Representatives (420-0).

For as much controversy as this investigation has stirred, you would think everyone regardless of party would want to see its contents and get to the bottom of what exactly Russia did to our election process … and how to stop them in 2020. Or at least mitigate the damage.

By the way, Russia’s interference into US elections is real. It was confirmed by the special counsel, it was confirmed by Comey and it was confirmed by Barr in his very summary that claims Trump did not collude, collaborate or conspire with the Russian government.

That special counsel investigation, the one at the center of this heated and surreal spectacle, brought indictments against 34 people and three entities.

Five associates of the president were convicted and a sixth, longtime Trump confidante and America’s original political bully pulpit incarnate, Roger Stone, is on his way to trial.

Let’s see the actual report before celebrating that the president wasn’t determined to have committed conspiracy, treason or obstruction of justice after two full years of intense investigation that he fought against the entire way.